What does the furniture “brand alliance” mean?

Dealers need to set foot on the brand road

"Brand alliance or co-branding is also the first competitive edge." Zhang Bailun said. In the past, the industry had some ideas. The brand of the agent factory was the factory, the brand of others, the brand of the big store was others, and only the ones were their own.

However, Zhang Bailun believes that if the factory and the manufacturer's brand can be regarded as their own brand, then, is there not more than one brand for the dealer? This year, he has worked with many manufacturers to lose some brands and got some brands. Zhang Bailun has always believed that dealers must develop on the road of brand development on the road of making money, and they must also embark on the road of joint development of brands. In the joint venture of brands and the docking of brands, docking is better than confrontation, brand association or joint venture, or joint branding is what the market needs today. In the development of full strength, in the development of previous years, Zhang Bailun's enterprise has been moving in this direction. Now there are more than 30,000 square meters of direct sales, in the two major stores in Shijiazhuang, one is the Red Star Macalline, one is the local furniture village, and one is its own headquarters. On the way to the brand alliance, he got some real benefits.

Commercial brands need to complement each other

“A manufacturer and a hypermarket can have a brand that can develop rapidly in another area. I think the complementarity with local commercial brands is also very important. Whether it can complement each other is also an indispensable business model. Zhang Bailun said.

The complementarity of brands can make the competitiveness of furniture one step further. Over the years, Zhang Bailun has used many manufacturers' brands as their own brands. For example, the Federation, as well as the brand of Xingli, as well as the Shinkansen, etc., complement each other so that we have a faster development. A big brand is a gold sign that attracts so many collections of brands. Jun Lemei is also a gold-plated signboard. He has a long-lasting furniture reputation and a relatively large business result. He also has a large number of first-line brands and more consumers. When choosing so many manufacturers and hypermarket brands to cooperate, the purpose is to create a strong alliance with the industry advantages of both parties, and then the brand of Junlemei and the brand of many manufacturers, the brand of the hypermarket to synthesize the first-class brand. .

The complementarity of ideas can complement each other in a win-win model. If you want to achieve a harmonious and win-win basis with manufacturers and hypermarkets, it is the manufacturer's brand and a series of brands in the hypermarket. Can you connect with our commercial brands, can you resonate in the same channel?

Complementary resources can achieve a win-win situation or a win-win situation. Manufacturers, distributors, and hypermarkets all have their own superior resources accumulated over the years. These superior resources can be shared by three: (1) they can get the brand and advertising influence from each other, one of them can benefit from advertising, and three can advertise. (2) can learn from each other's management experience and management model, so that this model can be amplified and fertilized faster and better; (3) manufacturers like JSWB, Red Star, Real, Federal, etc. He has a great influence on the commercial brands of hypermarkets. The scale of the company is large and strong. The root of the corporate culture is thick. They focus on the long-term development of the company. Only those brands that focus on the long-term development of the company can make these dealers do Being big and doing well is also the foundation of our company.

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