What is double copper paper

Coated paper is a type of imported printing paper, which is called copperplate printing paper, also known as coated printing paper.
      Coated paper is an important type of coated printing paper and is a type of coated paper for copperplate printing. It is a high-grade art printing paper made by coating and processing a coating of white clay (kaolin, calcium carbonate, etc.) based on the base paper of copperplate, and belongs to the scope of processing paper. There are also literal translations of art papers and art papers in accordance with the art of coated paper.
      Coated paper is white and smooth, with high smoothness, good gloss, good paper quality and wide range of uses. It is mainly used for printing color pictorials, pictures, books and illustrations, and art paintings; exquisite commercial advertisements, samples, merchandise packaging and decorating patterns; and color newspapers, scenic figures, photography atlases, etc.
      Types of coated paper mainly include double-sided coated paper, single-sided coated paper, glossy coated paper, matt coated paper, and copper cards. According to industry conventions, copperplate paper usually refers to double-sided coated paper (sometimes referred to as double copper paper).

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