Wrigley Wardrobe: Customize the best wardrobe for your father

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] Once, Zhu Ziqing’s article "Back View" saw how many readers cried? The sad and sad father and son's feelings still exist in the reader's mind. Father, is the pillar of the family, rushing to create a good living condition for the family; father, is the life teacher of the child, lead by example to guide the child to establish a correct outlook on life. The annual Father's Day is here, this father who is working hard for you, do you want to give him something to give him?

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Wrigley custom wardrobe renderings

Wrigley custom renderings - Phoenix Castle series

The calming colors and structure give a unique expression of elegance, health and natural lifestyle. The solid wood door panel of Aoyang is perfectly integrated with the multi-layered board of the southwestern birch. It uses natural thinking to condense the art of life and give the father a little more space.

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San Carlo closet picture

Wrigley custom wardrobe renderings - North American maple love bookcase series

The warm colors create a pleasing office environment, and the intimate arc design saves the study space, and the bookcase and the book desk are cleverly integrated, practical and simple. The unit cabinets of the bookcases can be combined and matched at will, to meet the father's individual needs, and to customize the original space of simple thinking.

Stationery Set

The stationery set can be divided into Oxford cloth,Plush and PU according to the material. It can be designed with digital printing, silk-screen printing, UV printing and other printing methods and accessories. It is a combination of practicality and aesthetic culture.71011

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